Internet diary, day 3

Review of 2015
So we have finally reach the end of 2015. I dare say that I've created a much more happier year compared to 2014. In this year, I graduated from my Japanese Language School, a place where I've grown immensely. Though I was kinda sad that we all have to go our own separate ways, I was also glad to have open up a new path.

In my university now, I've made a lot of friends, been to a few events and gatherings. Through them, I've learn the importance of communicating with other people. Even though deep down, I will always be an introvert, thanks to this chance, I've develop some new extrovert straits. 

Over this year, I've learn my mistakes from the year before and put them all to great use. The only thing I kinda regret is not going out more. Going out as to exploring or visiting the different places in Japan. Unlike other exchange foreign students, I have the liberty of staying here for another 3 years. So me being the very cheap person I am, made the decision not to further injured my wallet and just stay in. 

Overall, it's been a really good year. I can't say that everything was smooth but through errors and mistakes, I've grown to kinda solve what was thrown at me. Also, I'm thankful towards my parents who made all this possible. If weren't for them, I wouldn't even be where I am now. Though my academic results are not that good, for my sake and also my parents, I'll try my best at improving them. 

Finally, the last paragraph of the year. I really hope that you enjoy my blog thus far, and I'll keep on writing on this blog. So if possible, I wish that you guys can keep on reading my blog. I'll continue some of the series that I left hanging in November so be sure to come back for more.If there are any questions or any thoughts you have, feel free to leave it in the comment below. I'll reply to it ASAP. So よいお年を, Peace and Bye :) Happy New Year!!!
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