Being Asian in another Asian country, the disadvantage

So yeah I actually saw that there's a YouTube video about this, but I'm still gonna write about this. That's because I'm really really passionate about this topic. So if you are one of my friends, you might know, if you're not then now you do, I have some specific face features that makes me stand out as a Japanese, or in some cases Korean.

Which I'm obviously not mad about that, I mean like to look similar to a country whose culture I enjoy really much or look like a country where people are dying to look like them. I'm really glad and happy with the face I was given. But still, there are always problems concerning this part.

1. People tend to overlook you

Okay overlooking me to me is not such a bad thing, but if this is like a group of foreigners and Japanese people gathering, there's a disadvantage in it. For example, if we're having a gathering or an event, and you look similar to what a Japanese would look like, then you kinda picked the wrong end of the stick. The foreigners would assume you are a Japanese and them still being beginners in the language,  they will be scared to approach you, even if you understand English perfectly. Next is the Japanese, usually you would want to know more Japanese in this case, but the Japanese in this gathering are all busy finding other foreigners and might mistook you as one of their own and overlook you. Thus making you (if you're an introvert) a kinda lonely person in this gathering.

2. The  "foreigner card"

So over here in Japan, every foreigner have what I like to call the "foreigner card". A f"foreigner card" is like an excuse you use to get out of trouble. I'm not sure about countries all over Asia, but in japan, people are always nice so they treat you nicely even if you did something wrong. While being Asian, that actually do limit your foreigner card. Think of it like a card that gets you out of trouble. With foreigner from Europe or America, theirs are usually premium and people from Asian usually just have like normal ones. So there might be times when you make a mistake and well, that small mistake you made was actually also a mistake in your culture, making it really hard to use the foreigner card to get out of trouble.

There's actually way more, but these are the only disadvantages I can think of of now. So yeah, as always I hope you like it and if you have any questions or comments, do comment down below. For now, thanks for reading and bye.

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