Studying in Japan, is it worth it?

Since it's the first post of the year, I'm going to start with something a little bit serious. And that is, was it worth coming to Japan to study.

Before coming to Japan, I've had a lot of people who asked me why did I choose to study abroad in Japan. From where I came from, nobody has actually study abroad in Japan before, most of my relatives studied in Russia or Europe or some western countries. But, for me I chose Japan. And this kinda shock my relatives, at least I think so.

Ever since I was small, I was always told that my English is above average. So maybe in that sense, everyone expected me to go to some place where English would be much more common. So when the word got out, some people asked why I chose Japan.

Well, I'm not going to go deep into the reasons but after coming to Japan, did I find it worth my time and money investing in this study abroad thingy? Well... To me, I find it actually kinda worth it.

I mean, it's true that I don't get to spend time with my friends, flying back on holidays prove to be hard cause the holidays on both side are different... There are quite a lot of things that make the whole process kinda sad but I think it's all worth it.

After coming to Japan, I grew so much. Not physically but mentally. Your audience become so much wider and you grow accustomed to being around people of different cultures. Plus, adding the friends that I've met here, all of this experience could be said that all of it was worth it. 

I find the experience I've gain here and the education I'm getting are really not bad so yeah.... These are my opinions, if you have anything more you would like to add, feel free to comment below. Well, for now, peace and bye! :) また今年もよろしく!
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