Internet diary, Day 1

SO... yeah I took like a two weeks of off days cause well I had test and stuff so yeah... sorry for not posting anything. But after this two weeks, I'm back and well I'll try my best to give you guys more content and information.

Okay, enough with the intro, lemme start this post!!

Concerts are AWESOME!!

On November 25, I went to a mini concert held by the artists above.  There are called Asian Groove Nation, recently change to ajigroove (sounds better in Japanese though :) ), and the performance was really awesome. The person wearing the pink shirt on the left plays the piano, while the person on the right with the yellow shirt plays the syakuhachi ( a Japanese flute, picture below ) 
So I also am learning this instrument so that's was why I went to the concert. And while at the concert, even though it was a mini concert, it was really amazing, how they play their instruments and how they match a piano and the Japanese flute together. So I'm gonna list their Youtube channel right here >> Sakura . Like if you have the time do check them out, even though there's only one song there XD .

Overall, they are just amazing and this really sparks like a passion for me to go watch more concerts. I don't mean like those huge concerts by international superstar, maybe someday I will, but for now, I'll just go to this sort of live shows. Watching them grind that hard and all is really kinda inspiring too. 

Okay, that's really all for today, I'm really sorry for skipping posting for two weeks and if possible, please keep reading my blogs, I'll make sure to put more content that I think you guys would like. If there's anything you would like to ask, feel free to leave a comment and all that jaz. Well, Peace and Bye!! 
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