New year resolutions

So, with the new year coming, I'm absolutely sure that people will be trying to make new year resolutions, which usually doesn't come true. Because we're a bunch of lazy people who likes to procrastinate and spend time on the internet.

I have once heard a person who I really find inspiring said " I don't make new year resolutions, I make goals." So that got me thinking, should we really stop making resolutions and instead make goals...

To be honest, all I can say is, it depends on your own. For starters, at least know a few of you straits before stumbling into this. Are you sure you got the patience to do it, or continuous motivation for this... resolution is when you decide to do a thing, on the other hand a goal means it is something you desire.

For example, I've been setting losing weight as my new year resolutions for quite some year now, and I've been failing ever since. Partially thanks to my weak endurance and also my mom's great cooking. But at that time, I didn't really want it bad enough that it could be my goal. It's true that I want to lose weight but I just see it as a want but not as a need. So that's where my problem is. I'm still trying but, well it's always better than not doing anything.

So during this new year, what are you gonna set? New year resolutions? Or new goals? Will you be able to continue them?

Well, thanks for reading my post, and thank you for supporting me by reading my post. The thought of somewhere across the world, that someone is reading my writing is actually what motivates me write even more. If you like what I do, then maybe leave a comment below, and I'll definitely get back to you. For now, thanks for reading, and I hope that you had a wonderful year in 2015, if not then I hope that you could create a much more fantastic year in 2016. Peace and Bye :)

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