Culture of being late

So.... yeah after coming to Japan and getting into university, I've been in situations where I'm late. Truth to be told, from where I came from, being late is actually expected sometimes, but in Japan, that is not the case. I think most people get this but like it's really annoying sometimes.

I know I'm being kinda selfish but something like this happened so that's why I'm writing about this.

So in Malaysia, when we plan something, we have to take into consideration that someone will be late so maybe we'll like put the assembly half and hour early or so... But in Japan, this is not the case. And if you're talking about classes and jobs then no you're not supposed to be late for that. That's cause you either pay or get money so when money is involve, being late is just out of question.

But when it's just like a camp, your normal club meeting and other stuff like that, some people here really do take it to the next level. I'm saying like you have to really get there in time or else people are gonna judge you, like my situation now.

Often we have like Thai time or this time or that time but in Japan's case, being late or sleeping in and then causing you to be late is like a crime, and it sticks to you for a very long time. So yeah, that was my really little rant about not to be late in anything in Japan, or else be prepared to be judge!

P.s. Played Portal 2 just now so thanks to the really messed up use of portals and gravity, I feel like puking so if there's any mistake tell me below and please excuse me. Any questions or things you would like me to talk about, leave a comment below too. Thanks, Bye and Peace!!
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