Malaysian studying in Japan? How? Part 1

Is Studying in Japan even possible??

Matsumoto Castle taken by me this March at Nagano Prefecture when I went for an interview there 

If you have that thought, then I would like to tell you that yes, it's possible. Cause, well I'm here and a whole bunch of people actually came here and some have been living here for the past 10 years.

So trust me when I say it's possible.

So now that you know that, how could you study in Japan?


So before writing this post, I actually took the liberty of asking some of my few friends what brings them to Japan, and all of them said something that had to do with passion. So having that and a goal is really important to study abroad in Japan (or actually anywhere) cause you are using up money and in Japan's case, you are using them really fast.


Most of those who came to Japan (people who I have came into contact), all had their parents' blessings and support when they came. Partly because it actually takes a lot of money to study abroad. So before you come make sure that your parents can support you, not the entire stay but maybe pay for the first semester, cause Japan is a place where you can find work easily if you are a hardworking person. 

Okay now that I'm done with all the emotional parts of things, let's get to the more technical matters. And those are JAPANESEMONEY, UNIVERSITY.

The above are things that usually afraid or confused about and I'll try my very best to at least give you an idea what it actually feels like from when I was in Malaysia, starting out as a novice in Japanese up till now being a university graduate. 

Oh yeah, as this post is kinda long I'm gonna make it into 2 posts but it's gonna be posted on the same day so don't fret. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and maybe share this to friends or family members who are thinking of studying abroad in Japan. Peace and BYE!!

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