Comic: I'm broke!!

Yeah, I drew this XD so excuse the low quality :)

So I was inspired by Texan in Tokyo to do this cause it's really cool but first thing is first I'm no where near talented in drawing comics, so all I'm doing here is cause it's fun to tell stories based off of comics. So enjoy :)

Technically I'm broke :'(

As you can see this the curry rice in my university is the cheapest thing I could find, so me being the cheap chinese boy I am, ate this food for five days a week from June till November. I've been eating this like till the second semester because there are times when I don't have to eat at the cafeteria. But yeah, those times... 

So I really think doing this sort of comics is really fun and if you liked it, comment or share or leave anything that says that you liked it. If the response is good, I might consider doing this again. So yeah, enjoy, bye and peace!! 

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