Sorry for disappearing for a few weeks but yeah nothing really happen but well I'm sorry. But today I'm going to talk about Christmas. So yeah, please do read on :)

So, as the (kinda lame and clique) title suggest, I'm going to talk about Christmas, which was obviously yesterday. But hey, just listen me out about my opinions about Christmas in Japan and Christmas in Malaysia.

Differences of Christmas

The fact that we celebrate Christmas differently is actually not surprising. I mean we do have different culture. So here are some few major things that made Christmas different for both countries.

1. Meaning of Christmas

First and foremost, I would like to point out that I'm not Christian but I have nothing against it, to be frank I actually understand more about Christian than my own religion but that's a totally different topic for another time. So in Malaysia, we look as it that it's a holiday for Christians. But on the calendar it's still a holiday (I think) so we celebrate it neither less cause who doesn't like holidays. 

But in Japan, most people think it's a holiday where you spend with your significant other, which is also not far from the truth. I mean people all around the world wish to spend their time with their significant other but Japan take it to the next level. The desperate feeling of being single on Christmas is equivalent to being single on Valentine. So yeah, kinda sucky to be single on Christmas in Japan.

2. Santa Clause 

Me being born in a country where there is no snow and maybe my parents are not so into Christmas, I never actually once thought Santa clause was real. I mean I did wish he was real but well, sometimes wishing doesn't really accomplish anything. And I was also kinda pissed that we didn't have a chimney too. Well for me, I didn't believe the existence of Santa nor do I think my friends believed it too.

With Japan, it's different. I've encountered people who said that they stopped believing in Santa after entering primary school. Which I was kinda shocked. Maybe their parents really are that festive enough to put up the whole Santa act. And also they receive presents, even though most of them are not Christians. So yeah, kinda unfair, cause my parents never ask if any one of us wanted Christmas present. So yeah....


Well the similarities are Christmas is set up to be a festival that companies could get their hands on more money from the people. I mean like, if you're Christian, I wouldn't bother saying anything, but if you are not and you are celebrating Christmas, and furthermore in the wrong way then I can only just face palm myself. 

Besides that, the Christmas Carols are everywhere, the streets, radios, supermarkets. And you just get hooked to them so easily. And seeing as we've all been brainwashed for the past few decades. it's really terrifying to me.

Well, the above are some of the few things I learn about Christmas in Japan and Malaysia. If you have anything to add or something you would like to ask, feel free to leave your questions in the comment section. So for now, seeing as Christmas has past. Take care of ya self and have a Happy New Year. Peace and Bye :)

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