Part Time Job

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Okay let's talk money, which means let's talk about job, or more accurately part time jobs.

Part Time Job

I'm broke

From my previous post (the one with the comic, link to that post is above this line), you would know that I'm broke (nearly broke actually) right now. So what would a normal person do when they are poor?

But then, everything is really easier said than done. I've actually been struggling with getting a part time job these few months, It has already gone to a point where I'm actually kinda desperate right now. 

Okay enough about me, lemme tell you how do the process of getting a job in Japan is. Let's go.


You usually go to sites where you can find a tons of jobs that are hiring OR you find them at a magazine which is for job hunting (to put it simple, Japan is very high tech so everything is on the phone)


If you are doing this online, you two options. One, call them and discuss about the time of the interview or are they interested in hiring you/. Second, apply on line and wait for their call to set a time for an interview.


You go to the interview with a resume and basically sit there for 10 minutes and then the whole process ends..

Now all you need to is just wait. So yeah, that's really it. There actually a lot more things I can comment about the "job hunting" in Japan, and maybe I can give you some advice if you want some. For the record, I'm still unemployed so yeah. Thanks, Peace and Bye!! 
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