Seeing other people

So don't get me wrong, seeing other people doesn't have anything to do with relationship so just chill.

Okay first and foremost, I'm going to tell you about my situation now in University. I'm studying in the Engineering Department and not the Exchange Student Department. So the people all around me are all Japanese. And even though I really am thankful for having this opportunity to study Japanese everyday, there are times when you really get tired.

Tired as to the mentality of Japanese. The seniority relationship of the Japanese, how not be so straightforward, the culture difference, their rights and wrongs, etc. So no matter how accustomed you are to the Japanese mentality, there are times when you are just tired of all of it (well at least for me it's true).

Plus it might be true that you are in Japan and talking to Japanese might broaden your way of thinking and also obtain relationships that could last for a long time, that will maybe help you out on the way. But also having friends from another country is also as equally as important.

There might be a chance that you might want to reach out to England to expand your business, so if you did socialize with people other than Japanese during your stay in Japan,  you might have someone to help you out or at the very least some advice on the different cultures.

So yeah, my advice to you is that do try to be friends with Japanese person but on the same time don't forget that we live in a very international age right now, so talk to everyone from every where.
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