Malaysian studying in Japan? How? Part 2

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so sorry for the inconvenience for breaking this is to two parts, but I don't want it to get too long so please bear with it, THANKS :)
Yeah back to topic; 

Japanese, Money, University

These three words really sums up most of the worries of us Malaysians (also other foreigner students too) trying to study in Japan. So I'll try my best to explain it all in detailed as my abilities could allow.


So before coming to this new country, you don't actually need to learn the language beforehand. Well it's going to be a huge advantage if you could but you don't necessary have to. All around Japan, there's a lot of Japanese Language School in which you could learn the language from there. For examples, ALA Japanese Language SchoolThe Naganuma SchoolAsean Bunka Kaikan Japanese Language School.. There might be some agency back in Malaysia where they will help you settle everything from learning beforehand in Malaysia and till you reach your new school in Japan. While these are quite good, but they actually cost way much more, so if you want to save money you can to the school website and apply directly. That way you don't need to pay that much money.

In my case, I went with the agency and studied for four months in Malaysia, then with my terribly weak Japanese came to Japan and got into one of the schools listed above to further hone my Japanese level. I count myself lucky as to how my path was. 

I'm not that clear about the cost of the course so if you have time on your hand, then could you maybe click into those links above and check it out yourself?? Thanks (By the way the other two schools are random schools I got from googling best Japanese Language School, so do try to find some other school yourself too)


Money especially to Malaysians now is very terrible but Japan, especially in Tokyo has a lot of part time jobs, and if you are really hardworking and don't mind working, even with a limited Japanese, it might be possible to get a job. BUT it is easier if you understand Japanese.

And about money, not only do you have to think about the the Japanese language course, you still have to remember you have to pay for rent, bills and others. Plus when you graduate from the japanese language schools' then you have to be prepared to pay off the university's tuition fee. So do please check to see if you have that money to support you living in Japan. 

The food might not be that expensive but the tuition fees varies from university to university so you have to pay attention to that too.


So there's actually a lot of steps to get into a university in Japan. First you must have 12 years of education. So all you SPM holders, it is a guarantee must to study in a Japanese Language School. But even if you are from STPM, or above, you still must master the language so I recommend you get into one.

So to valuate your knowledge as a foreigner student, they have this test call EJU, which test your Japanese and also science and humanities stuff. The science and humanities questions can be answered in English, but most university prefer only Japanese so yeah. After the test, you have to search for the university and then apply for them. Writing the application forms and practicing the interviews really take a toll on you so be careful. After that you have to take the written test (if there are any) or interviews (mostly in Japanese and this the one that most students have problems with). After the test, they will take you information, EJU results, Written test and Interview results and see if you are fit for the school.

This part is where all students really worries about so you have to be prepare.

In the end, even with money, without the passion, it will be difficult to study in a university you want in Japan. But on the other hand, even with less money, with passion and goals, you can actually make it and become a university student.

I hope you all the luck, and to SPM test takers, if you happen to stumble upon my post, I wish you good luck. If I want to be more detailed I think I can be but since this is such a long post, I'll past. Thus, if you have any problems or questions, or you want to ask for advice, feel free to leave a comment and I'll reply to them as quickly as possible. PEACE and BYE!! :)
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