Making Friends in Japan

So after coming to Japan, I've notice one thing about Japanese students, and that's they are really very shy. This is because of their mentality of not being able to speak in English well and feel like they are much more inferior compared to foreigners. Thus making them "afraid" or "scared" to approach foreign students.

To them, some foreigners know English and are able to speak in both their language and others, making them think that foreigners are really super smart, which in fact is not true (at least in my case it's not). Also there's also this bubble call the comfort zone. For example if you are placed in a situation where everyone is talking a different language that you only have a little knowledge about it. How would you feel, awkward? Scared? Confused? Or all of them at once?

Well, to me I was kinda lucky that most of my classmates wanted to talk to me, and also looking very Japanese-like also helped along the way. But not most Japanese acts like this. So the way for foreigners to meet Japanese students is be more active in going to events where Japanese students are around. Or get people to know Japanese students to introduce you guys.

Besides, there are a lot of things call English chat, or (whatever your native language is) chat that you can join. Or maybe Japanese Chat. From there you might be able to find students who really want to learn something about you and from there on, you made a friend.

Sometimes, the way of a foreigner might be kinda straightforward, so when chatting with a Japanese, tone it down a bit and just try to act humble and just be nice. Well that's all I have for you guys today, if you have more questions or wanted me to write this sort of stuff more, feel free to leave a comment below. For now, Bye and Peace!!
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