Japanese Learning, Day 2

Okay, this is the second day I'm doing this, first and foremost I would like to say I'm not that good in Japanese, so all I'm really doing is just helping you out a bit with a few simple Japanese Phrases. Maybe if I get to like 30 posts of japanese simple phrases, I'll do something more harder but for now, that's still way beyond us.

Okay sorry for the chitchat. Let's start.

1. それな (SORENA)

This means something like the phrase "I Know Right" "IKR". This is actually not a real word, more so like a word that was made by youngsters and has been used ever since. 

GOOGLE TRANSLATE (<<Click here for the pronunciation) 
The way you say this is by stretching the na so it's gonna sound something like this sorenaaaa, and the way to say it should be the same as way you would say "I Know Right"


This phrase is something that you would use almost everyday in your daily life. The meaning is wait a moment. This phrase has really helped me a lot, for instance when someone is walking too fast or they are teaching too fast, or maybe you need to think things through. This is the phrase to use. 

GOOGLE TRANSLATE (<<Click here for the pronunciation) 

The pronunciation is correct so just follow along. 

Yeah well that's all for all today. If you have any other word you would like me to teach or any topic, please feel free to leave a comment below, anyone can leave a comment so please do so. Well that's all for now Bye and Peace.
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