Japan's Expenses, as University Student

Hi again, my topic today will be on how do you actually spend as a university student. And trust me when I say there is a lot of answers out there. I have look through YouTube before coming to Japan and well mostly there were none (back then, or I didn't find it).

And also before we start, I need to tell you that this is just an example and your expenses change according to which country you come from, your lifestyle, you eating habits, your endurance and so much more. So now that we got that clear, let's START!!

How much do one spend????

So for me I spend about 50,000¥ which is about 411$ which is about RM 1700 (cause I'm Malaysian) a month. This actually includes all the bills, rent, food and entertainment. Not education though, that's a whole other topic which I'll write about one day. BUT!!!!  I live in the university's dorm which is super cheap so don't celebrate yet.

Rent in Japan

The rent in Japan really differs from prefectures to prefectures. So if you are thinking of living in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto (besides Tokyo, I have no idea cause I have never lived there) the rent will obviously be higher. Plus the nearer you live near to the train station, the more expensive the rent becomes. Back when I live in Tokyo, a month of rent was around 80,000¥, 650$, RM 2800 which was super expensive but it was located in the middle of two train stations so transportation was rather easy. 

On the other hand if you live in the countryside, where I am now, the rent is really cheap. There are some which cost about 10,000¥, 82$, RM 350, which aren't that good but if you can bear with it then it's actually still livable. And there are apartments which cost 40,000¥, 330$, RM 1400, which gives you a really large space where you can hangout with friends and such.

If your university is not in the major country and you don't really need that much of a nice accommodation, then about 25,000¥, 205$, RM 882, should be enough as a budget.


Well as I have said earlier, all of these changes from prefecture to prefecture and of course your habits. So for water you would usally spend about 3,000¥, electric maybe 5,000¥ and also gas which cost maybe 2,000¥ depending on your use. So 10,000¥ a month for bills should be enough if you live a normal life without blasting the heater and air conditioning 24/7.

My Spending!!!

As I said earlier I live in the university's dorm so my rent is only 4,000¥, my bills is 7,000¥ and food and transportation and entertainments are what is left. Oh yeah I also have to pay my monthly internet which cost about 1,000¥ and also my phone bill 6,500¥ with the installments of my iPhone which I bought when I came to Japan.

So that's pretty much it, if you think there's things that I missed or you would like to know more then comment below and I'll get to you ASAP!! Well I'm super tired so I gotta go, peace and bye!! :)
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