Japanese Learning, Day 3

This is the third day I've started this. I'm not sure if I've helped you guys even a bit, but if I do I'm glad to know that, and if I didn't then feel free to leave a comment to tell me so. Still, I'm gonna try my best to entertain you guys for this 30 days so let's both try our best in this!!

Let's start!

1. めんどうくさい (mendokusai)

This means annoying. This is use almost everyday in Japan especially by students who think that everything is annoying. In my case, I use it when I need to do my homework or make a detour to somewhere. So it's really useful. And also again, this word is kinda rude, so best not to use it in formal meetings.

GOOGLE TRANSLATE (<<Click here for the pronunciation)

So google translate's pronunciation is kinda weird. So it goes like this MEN DOK SAI with pitch of the SAI going down.

2. いくらですか? (ikuradesuka?)

This means how much is this?. This is one of those phrase that you can use in any situation and is really very useful if this is your first time in Japan. So all you need to do when you want to know about a price of an object, go up to the person in charge and say this.

GOOGLE TRANSLATE (<<Click here for the pronunciation) 

This time google translate has it correct so just continue onward and learn the pronunciation from Google.

Well this is what I have for you guys today, something you use to replace Ugh.... and a phrase that is super useful. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to leave a comment below, would really appreciate it. So for now Peace and Bye. 
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