So... yeah, I haven't been posting anything on this blog. BUT!!! It's not like I forgot about this blog. As I said, I wanted to be really serious about this blog when I started writing in it. And, to honest some parts of my brain is always thinking about this blog. But, it's exam week for me and being a student, education do comes first. Especially when you're paying a lot to study.

So I might go back to posting every week from next week because that's when my exams ends. Also, there are a few blog series I started but stopped halfway, well, I'm going to continue writing it.

So stay tune next week for more content. And I'm also working on more stuff too. So do expect more stuff here. I hope that you can have some patience while I sort out the whole exam thing. Right after that, please do continue reading my blogs. Thanks!!
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Just a student studying in a University in Japan. Nothing more, nothing less.
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