Internet diary, day 4

So.... it like finally started to snow here in niigata. I was really happy the day before and was thinking of playing with the snow or etc...

But then everything changes when you have to go to class. I mean like look at the view, isn't this just beautiful, yet, even though it's beautiful, it's wet and ice might form which might lead to you slipping. 

So me rushing to class, all along the way I was thinking how annoying the snow is and all. But then After class, and when I'm like slowly walking back to my do
rm, I started really liking the snow and well took some pictures and well made some snow ball.

I did attempt to make a snow man but it was so cold and well I couldn't touch the the snow without feeling cold for 2 minutes so yeah... 

Actually this thought came to me. You see the reason why I'm really excited for snow, is partly because I'm from Malaysia, a country without seasons. The next one is because of all the movies about Christmas I've seen.

In Japan, there are people who actually believed that Santa Claus existed. But for me (well I can only say this from my experience and point of view) we didn't had snow so it never actually felt like Christmas on Christmas, plus I'm not Christian so my family didn't really do anything for Christmas. 

So once I was in Japan, a place that snow actually existed, I thought that maybe on Christmas Eve or Christmas, we might had snow. BUT, we didn't which was a real bummer. 

While now, the year is already starting and you're telling me that you'll snow now?? The little kid inside of me is really excited for this but the lazy 20 year old me is annoyed that I have to wear my boots everyday out. 

So yeah, these are just my random thoughts about snow. Feel free to leave a question or anything in the comment section below. Also, if you liked it, do share it with your friends and family. Well for now, peace and bye. :) 
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