Friendship (creative writing)

Write a story that ends with: “… They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully.”

Sam came and told Gary to come in. The inside of the room were filled with photos of when they were young. Sam looked around. It’s been 5 years since he last came into this tree house but now watching as his childhood replay in front of him, he felt young again. The markings they made to see who was taller, the wooden swords their fathers made for them which were lying in the corner and covered in layers of dust. Seeing them laying there, a sense of nostalgic feels him. Sam sighed and as his thought wonder back to the present. Suddenly high pitch voices could be heard screaming through the door. Within the midst of the screams were two little children. Children who were excited to learn about the new hideout they were about to get. In as they come, they went around running and awing at everything and anything they see. Their expressions were priceless. Sam and Gary, being their fathers could see the bloom of another beautiful friendship. The same one they had years before, the same one that lasted to this very day and if possible till the very end of time itself. With this, they looked at each other and smiled meaningfully. 

Decided to try creative writing like how I did back in the old high school days. This one is kinda short but more longer ones are coming. Some might be short paragraphs, some might be short novels. Please excuse my mistake if I did any. Hopefully you will enjoy this. If there are any titles, endings, beginnings you wanna see me write, leave it in the comments and I'll try my best in writing them. For now, peace and bye :) 
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