Being Asian in another Asian Country, the benefits

Last post, I wrote something about the disadvantages of being Asian in another Asian country, so this time, I'm going to also devote myself to write something positive about being Asian. Because, no matter what people say, I'm proud of my ethnicity and it's actually not that bad being one of the largest human population on earth.

1. You won't get the "stare".

So, I actually understand why people tend to stare at westerner foreigners. I mean, back where they came from, they are known as the common folk, but here, they are known as rarities, a side of the world that they have never seen before. I've heard some people say that it's both annoying and kinda embarrassing. While, if you are Asian, like me, but I look more Japanese than most Japanese, people just acknowledge you as one of their kind and just leave you alone. Well, right until you start talking that is.

2. People won't be THAT hesitant to talk to you

This might or might not be true. I'm one of those person who is possible would choose to stay at home all day. Alas, Ç'est la vie. So, on occasional parties where you are force to mingle, Japanese people might not be so hesitant to talk to you. Because, to them, you might be of different country but in the end you guys are both Asians, so you might work things out. Plus, if you are Asian, there are times people expect you to understand their language, so they aren't that hesitant to ask questions. But, if you aren't Asian, most people would simply assume that you don't speak anything but English, which is totally not true (I'll post something about this topic). Thus, making people more afraid, especially if you have the most white traits, like having blond hair for instance.

Well, these are the benefits of being Asian in another Asian country. I could write more, but I personally don't like to read long articles myself so that's why I usually shorten it. If you want longer posts, then do tell me on the comments below. I'll do my best to see what I can do. So as always, thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. Peace and bye. :)
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