Senior and junior relationship in japan

So today is the first day in 2016 where I need to start going to school again. Even though happy things tend to end so fast, but let's start with the post.

As I'm starting my uni life again, I'm going to talk about the relationships between seniors and juniors. Before starting, I want to say that I never understand the whole freshman or senior system so allow that. So yeah, let's start.

So for many people who are not from Japan, Japanese students take this whole respect your senior thing to a whole new level. I mean like I have to actually bow to some of my senior and say "otsukaresamadesu" "お疲れ様です" which means like good job you did today (something like that).

In Japan, if you're in school then those who are studying in the upper class are your senpai. And you their kohai. If you're at your workplace, your co-worker who worked in this company way earlier than you are considered your senpai, so the age doesn't really matter. In other words, unless you guys go to the same school, or worked/ still working in the the same company then only will you use senpai.

Well, there are other cases, but let's concentrate on the school and company where you use them the most. SO... what brings me to this topic today was because of this

Looking at this always bugs me a lot. I mean like I get it some of us who aren't Japanese got into the world of Japan culture through anime. BUT! This is like just wrong... I mean like I get the reason why this is getting really popular and some people are actually using it right but... just no...

Senpai are not always those cute or handsome seniors that you watch from a distance, hoping that one day they might notice you. Senpai is a term which means senior in English. Your senior who is plain looking is also your senpai, that bitch senior you hate is also your senpai, that senior who always treats you to lunch is also your senpai. So don't keep using senpai as a word for crush. 

So yeah, that's something like a rant for me. If you like this, feel free to share this to other people who might have a misconception about the meaning for senpai. Plus, do comment on the comments below, feel free to write anything :) Well, for now, I'm going to go to class... Peace and Bye! :)

P.S. Actually there are some posts where I actually keep starting a new paragraph with the word "So", anyone that noticed that? Comment if you noticed. I'm trying to not use it as much though... hehehe...

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