My life from 23/6 - 14/9

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So yeah.... sorry for disappearing these few weeks... I've been busy, maybe you don't really give a damn care about this but well.... this is my blog so yeah XD deal with it.

So after my last post my exams was just around the corner so had to study for that, plus some of my friends were planning to come to Japan and I also had to do that too. So yeah.... and then after the exams came the vacation in Japan and then right after that was camp. And now like finally resting for about a month, I think I'm like recovered.

Yeah... a really short paragraph to sum up these past weeks. Okay now here come the important part. So since I've like finally tour around Japan, I can finally give advice on vacationing in Japan. So expect more of those sort of things in the future.

Also, there might some things I'm going to try out but I'm not going to mention it just yet cause there's a high possibility of me just giving up cause it's annoying but I'll try to.

So yeah, there you have it, I'll try to put out more blogs so thank you for your patience in reading till this point and see you soon. :)
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