Things I will never get used to in Japan

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So being a foreigner in a foreign country, the first thing you experience would be culture shock or excitement, I hope it's due to the culture shock that causes the excitement though. But with time, these culture shocks will reduce to everyday life common sense for you. You might even got used to it till the point that when you return to your own country one and experience reverse culture shock. (This kinda happened to me and I was complaining the whole way). But there are some things that I will never get used to no matter how long I'm here (I say this but I'm still on my second year and counting so don't take everything too seriously XD)

1. Japanese Language

As of now, I'm in a community where wherever I go, there's bound to be more Japanese than Foreigners. Heck, there are times when I barely get to use my own mother tongue, due to this, there are times when I have like a certain period where I'm like thank you for the Japanese practice but this is just way too much. It sometimes gets way too overwhelming and that you just wish you could  be around a place where your own mother tongue is being spoken, no matter how good your Japanese might be.

2. OMG swearing

Okay let's be honest here, everyone who is 16 and above have obviously swear out loud before. Well, as Japanese isn't my first language there are times when I swear out loud because of certain events. And oddly enough, Japanese people around you who have learn some amount of English will understand you and assume you are insulting him or her. Even though you might have said this out of surprise, they will actually take it to the heart (at least in my case they did) and well, you've got to do a lot of explaining to do. So in conclusion, just learn to swear in Japanese, not matter how hard that may seem to be. Because to them its normal.

3. Ranks

I come from a country where well unless you are working, there are not many ranks involve, like seniors or juniors or stuff like that. While in Japan, they grow up with this culture, what with all the senpais and kohais and the polite form and answering "HAI" so abruptly and everything.....!!!! Well, for me, it's weird to be treated kindly or politely by those who are younger than me. Just because I came here to study first means that I deserve your respect. This is like a very bizarre situation I'm in and have yet to accustomed. Maybe give me a few years and I'll gradually fall in the ranks and norms but as for now, I still can't get used to it.

These are the only few things that I can think up right now. I'm sure there are more but I'll save that for next times. So bye!! :)
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