Fushimi Inari Shrine = Mountain Trek

Okay, I know calling a famous place like the fushimi Inari Shrine a mountain trek is a little bit too much... but it was really a like a mountain trek, just with fancier decorations. I think I actually lost like 1~2kg after finishing the whole trek.

So this place is like really famous and stuff like that and blah blah... BUT!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

I highly recommend everyone to go but be sure you are either in comfortable shoes or have a decent stamina or a lot of time. Cause the whole thing took me and my friend like 2 hours and we ended up wasting a lot more time than we originally planned. But it was all worth it (or at least I thought it was).

And also, bring your own beverages when you are climbing the shrine cause even though the red pillars are beautiful to see the drinks there range about 150 yen ~ 200 yen (forgot about where but yeah) so it's really expensive. If you are on a budget trip do remember about this.

That's actually everything I can think about this place. You must be wondering why I'm not saying the good stuff and like recommend this place. This is because everyone knows about this place but don't really know the little things going on revolving around it. And since I'm not being sponsored by anyone (XD) I'll tell you how to get by and make your trip a little smoother. So expect more blogs like these. SO yeah, thanks and bye :)
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