I don't need a partner right now

I don't need a partner right now.

Yes, you heard me right. I don't need a lover. 

Do I want one? 

Hell Yes.

But do I need one? 

Currently.... no

Simple as that, in life what I want and what I need is really different, some of us learned that the hard way while some of us learn that from our parents. Either way, I don't really need a partner right now. 


Ummm... let's see

I don't have any income

I have trust issues 

I'm already not doing that great in my studies

I have trust issues

I'm still trying to learn to love (cope) with myself

I have trust issues 

And finally why do I need one right now???
So to those who have a partner in your life that you care and love

Well congrats to you

To the others that are hoping to find one soon or not even searching (like me) 

Having a partner doesn't mean you are above the singles

It just means that you have that part of your life kind of figured out

So don't even fret

Having a partner and things like that is just a norm anyway

If it is meant to be then it is meant to be

At least that's what I always say
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