Sick Abroad

As the title says, I'm currently sick, not sick to the point I can't move sort of sick, but still sick enough to feel terrible and to just sleep all day. Back when I was in Malaysia, I was one of those kids that doesn't get sick easily,and even if I were to fall sick, I would lie about it because my parent would keep nagging me about not drinking enough water. Since I've came to Japan, I've been sick for about 3 times, each and every time in spring. I'm not sure if this is hay fever or anything but I get sick during this season. And boy it's not easy.

Being sick abroad is not fun, you have to do everything like your laundry, cook your own food and plus you are at already feeling weak so you just don't feel like moving. But you can't because you have to cause life goes on with or without you. Luckily for me, I don't have school this week because it's golden week in Japan. A whole week of holiday where you could just stay at home and do nothing. Which is like thank god.

Just to put it out there, I'm one of those person that doesn't believe in going to the doctor. So yeah.... Back in Malaysia, we have pharmacist where you can buy these pills called panadol. It's like a pill for almost everything, flu, cold, fever, just take panadol and your problems are gone. So in Japan, they don't sell panadol, at least not to my knowledge, plus even if they do, you wouldn't know which is which. Imagine, already having a fever and sore throat and having to look for medicine written all in Japanese. I rather just drink more water and sleep in everyday. Fortunately, I bought some pills before coming to Japan and that really do save me quite a lot of times. 

So yeah, I'm quite okay right now since I can write this and post it on my blogs. It's the holidays and because of the free time and weak body, my mind tends to think about a lot of things so yeah.... here I'm am. Till next time, bye. :)
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